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League Manager is the heart of the WinLeague suite of utilities. It is suitable for any sport using a standard league system where all teams play each other home team twice (home/away), for example soccer, hockey, netball, rubgy, etc.

The standard FREE version of WinLeague has all the essential functionality expected of a league management software. For those who find the software usefull and want to make use of the more advanced options such as exporting and archiving, then please support the WinLeague project and purchase a registration key to unlock these features (no additional downloads are required).

The main features include

  • Leagues
    • Upto 10 Leagues
    • Set the number of promotion/relegation places
  • Teams
    • Upto 25 teams per league
    • Disable teams during the competition
  • Results
    • Add/remove
    • Store with or without times
    • Record League, Friendly or user-defined fixtures
  • Configurable Options
    • League Sort Order (Points, Goal Differece, etc)
    • Points Sored (Win=3, Draw=1, etc)
    • Bonus/Penalty Points
  • Views
    • League Tables - with/without promotional/relegation places
    • Results Grids
    • Team History - showing all games played for a particular team
    • Playlist - view/add/edit results chronologicaly*
    • Fixture Calendar - view/add/edit results on a day-to-day basis*
  • Export/Archive*
    • Save views as
      • Plain Text
      • CSV File (for importing into spreadsheets such as Microsoft Excel)
      • Basic HTML web pages
    • Automatic archive facility to make backing up easier
  • Distribution*
    • Mark files read only
      • For security reasons, contacts number can be hidden

NOTE: *Some features require registration to purchase a key to unlock the advanced features. These include all the Export/Archive features in addition to removing all 'unregistered' watermarks from printouts.
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If you have special requirements or have any suggestions, then please contact us

Screenshot (91Kb)
Version: 1.7.0
Price $35
(£25* / 39.50 euro*)
*subject to currency conversion
System Requirements
Pentium 200 MHz processor or better
Windows® 95/98/NT/2000/ME
16Mb RAM minimum
• 32Mb (2 leagues)
• 64Mb (5 leagues)
• 128Mb (10 leagues)
2 MB Disk Space
VGA (640x480) or higher resolution display
Mouse (recommended)

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