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Download your copy of WinLeague from here. To use the advanced features then you will need a registration key (
click here to purchase your key ), simple download as ususal and enter the code when the application starts.

Note: I've changed installers (hence the smaller download size) to hopefully support as many platforms as possible. This includes Windows 95/98/ME/2000/XP. If you have any problems with installation then please contact me at philip@winleague.net

  WinLeague Setup (912kb)
NEWVersion 1.7.2
      WinLeague.exe       (Last Updated 19/06/2004)

Keep checking back here for regular updates

Version History

    V1.7.2 - (19 June 2004)
  • Fixed: Minor bug when handling multiple rounds
    V1.5 - (7 April 2003)
  • Fixed: Minor bug fixess
    V1.3.2 - (15 August 2002)
  • Fixed: Standardised all grid resizing
  • Fixed: Showing existing results correctly when the results dialog appears
  • Fixed: Removed grid-auto size option from the menus as it is now redundant
  • Fixed: Added save option if the application is closed by the main window buttons
  • Fixed: Backround bitmap selection
  • Fixed: Refreshing all views when a team is renamed in the tree
    V1.3b - (7 August 2002)
  • Fixed bug with bonus/deduct for results
    V1.3 - (11 June 2002)
  • Added Playlist View
  • Now Supports upto 6 rounds of league fixtures
  • View Multiple league tables
  • Minor bug fixes
    V1.2.2 - (25 March 2002)
  • Fixed bug with show promotions/relegations
  • Fixed bug with leagues table calculations
  • Put a white background to all views instead of grey

Copyright 2002 Philip Love. All Rights Reserved